some of my grandbabies

some of my grandbabies


 have found this new site that is connected to a safe weblog . i have used this site for a long time to blog

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its harvest time

this is the first boxs it has glass on top .

this is the first boxs it has glass on top .

well we have started to harvest our honey. so far each box weighs 35 to 50 pounds. just think i am harvesting pure gold. and have pollinated in a 3mile radius. which means that all the garden around my block flourished. there’s even signs around the block veggies and corn for sale.  REALLY COOL DON’T YOU THINK. it is very important to learn and have at least one hive, you can have them in city limits too. harvest time depending on how tall your hive is you could get 2 5 gallon bucket for your family to use instead of prossed sugar. well think about it i have been doing beekeeping for 5 years now chemical free too. i am also a swarm catcher witch is a cool hobby. want some adrenalin rush go catch a swarm. LOL

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primamerica is a rip off

we were with prime America for 2+ years and in all that time we paid more overdraft charges than we did payment.   is a retirement and life insurance, disability insurance, and they are supposed to help you get out of debt and plan for the future. well this is not true. our agent  Diana Zinn was no agent at all. the only thing she wanted was her commission. we have canceled our account because they have now overdrawn our bank for 3 payment and all the bank charges. the total is over 600.00$.. this is why i am doing this blog. i don’t want anyone else to get there hard earned money rip away from there families. diana never came over once we were clients. and that is not right, this was her job.


please for you and your families health DONT JOIN ALL THEY WANT IS OUR MONEY!!!!!

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